How we can help you

Speakology specialises in providing you with life-long tools to deal with public speaking nerves – whether it be giving a speech, being interviewed, going for an audition, participating in group discussions, giving a sales pitch to a client, or any time you feel nervous about being the centre of attention. Our mission is to be there for people who need help to cope with their fears of public speaking.

You might have a specific public speaking task on the horizon you feel anxious about. Or you may want to know how to cope with the nervous symptoms you experience at the mere thought of public speaking so that you can build up the confidence to start public speaking.

Whatever the case, we  are here to help! We provide help in a few ways:

Group Workshops

Our group workshops comprise between six to 10 people and are run over two sessions.   The first session provides you with psychologically proven techniques and strategies to deal with your fear of public speaking. The second session discusses progress, setbacks and any other issues experienced since the first session. Detailed supporting notes and materials are provided.

Although talking about your public speaking nerves in front of a small group may seem a bit daunting, group workshops allow participants to learn from each others’ experiences, perspectives and concerns. We make sure that our group learning environment is supportive, collaborative, encouraging and non-judgmental.

Group workshops are offered to the general public and can also be arranged for businesses and government agencies – both on site or at a venue of your choice. Our group workshops are conducted in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Individual help and coaching

Speakology also provides tailored, individualised assistance to meet your specific needs. Think of us like your own personal coach and mentor to help you through any  sort of speaking task, no matter how great or small.

For example, you might have to deliver a work speech, speak at a wedding or function, undertake an interview for a job, audition for a role or talk regularly in a group environment . We can assist you with several aspects of the speaking task including:

– helping you deal with any fears you have about it

– preparing you for it, such as tailoring an individual strategy for the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to the task and techniques for getting you through it

– rehearsal of the speaking task – as a one off, or many times, depending on your needs

– providing an independent assessment and opinion on the effectiveness of the delivery of your speaking task

– constructive feedback and suggestions to make your speech better from an audience’s perspective

– post-speech assessment and things to work on for your next speaking task.

Individual help and coaching is conducted in Melbourne and can be arranged at your office or home. If you live outside of Melbourne, or if you cannot attend face-to-face training, affordable Skype sessions can be arranged.

Other services

Speakology also offers the following services:

– Speech-writing and assistance with speech-writing – including wedding speeches, work speeches and presentations, function speeches and similar.

– Master of Ceremonies (MC) and facilitator services for functions, weddings, business meetings and conferences.

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