Public speaking quote

Walter Cronkite, the famous American news anchorman and journalist, once remarked:

It’s natural to have butterflies. The secret is to get them to fly in formation“.

The quote is relevant and useful for public speakers for several reasons.

First and foremost, the fear you have about public speaking and being the centre of attention is totally normal and can enhance your performance by making you more alert and prepared for the task ahead – whether it be a speech, interview, participating in a group discussion, an audition, or similar.

However, if you don’t learn to manage your fears and become too anxious – if you can’t get the butterflies to “fly in formation” – you can come across as being too tense and anxious while giving a performance.

“The secret” Cronkite refers to is the method or technique you can use to make fear work in your favour, and in turn not become too overwhelmed or distracted by it .

These secrets need not be clouded in mystery. There are easy, reliable and proven ways to manage your fear of public speaking .

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