It happens to famous people too!

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Many famous people have suffered from glossophobia or panic including  singers, actors, sportspeople and politicians. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, suffered from it! Others include Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Rebecca Gibney, Susie O’Neill and Gary Macdonald. You can read about some of their experiences below.

What these famous people and articles demonstrate is that anxiety and the fear of public speaking can affect anyone. There is no shame or stigma in owning up to this fear – after all, if these famous people can put their reputations on the line and do it, so can you! No one will think any less of you – in fact, thinking about some of the famous people mentioned above, you probably admire them more for having had anxiety and still putting themselves in the limelight.

The good news is that  because fear of public speaking is so common, there are simple and proven techniques to help you deal with this fear.

Give us a call or send us an email – we’ll let you know how we can help. We’ll be supportive and we won’t judge. After all, we’ve experienced the fear of public speaking first hand and know how hard it can be to make the first step and ask for assistance!

Nicole Kidman: “I panic in front of all the cameras. My hands start shaking and I have trouble breathing.”

Rebecca Gibney: She said one of her most recent panic attacks was when she was on a plane with her son.

“It hit me out of the blue, but when I took my son in my arms it was put on hold,” she recalled.

Gary McDonald: “Well, I was getting more and more anxious, but I didn’t know what that was, I just thought it was kind of stage fright, I’d be very, very concerned about doing stuff, and you know, worried that it wouldn’t go well, blah, blah, blah. And I used to try and get rid of this tension by meditating. But basically what I was trying to do was get rid of it, not confront it and find out where it was coming from. I’d just try and say, ‘right I’ll do this for 20 minutes, that will get rid of it’. And it would, at the end of the 20 minutes I’d had this huge experience and like it’d just shoot out of me and I’d think, ‘oh wow that’s great’.
But it’d come back you see, I wasn’t dealing with what the cause was. But I, and it was getting slightly worse, slightly worse, slightly worse.”

Hugh GrantWhile making Music and Lyrics … he had “four or five terrible panic attacks,” and adds: “I did the whole film full of lorazepam” – a drug used to treat anxiety disorders.

… “The one thing that did me some good was a bloke who said that when you have a panic attack it’s your natural adrenalin which you need to do the scene, but just a fraction too much.

“So if you just breathe and take it down a little you can do it. Just knowing that helped, so I got through this movie just about all right. Just.”

Reese Witherspoon: “I was sitting there hoping they wouldn’t call my name – because the idea of having to give a speech in front of everyone in the world is terrifying.” —  2006 Best Actress Oscar winner on her anxiety.

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