Quick Fixes

Many of the people I teach contact me a few days before their public speaking task. For example, I recently spent time with a person who contacted me the day before an audition for an acting school, and another person contacted me a few days before a group interview for an important job.

It’s easy to see why this happens. As an important public speaking event approaches, people get nervous and tense. Common thoughts such as “what if I go blank” and “what if they see how nervous I am” can start to sap confidence. Important things such getting a good night’s sleep, trying to relax and rehearsing in a calm manner become more difficult. It’s at this point that I’m often contacted for help.

There are, of course, tips and techniques I can teach in such circumstances, quickly and easily, which are very empowering and which improve performance. The people I assist in urgent circumstances often contact me after their public speaking task to thank me for the instruction and to say how useful it was in helping them to get a handle on their nerves.

Sometimes a little instruction and a few basic tips are all that are needed for some people to manage their nerves and give a great speech, interview or audition. Such people might only need to practice the techniques I teach them a day or two before their next important public speaking task.

For those who have developed a fear of public speaking over many years, and a pattern of avoiding public speaking tasks, the more time to practice the techniques, the better.  After all, learning to deal with an ingrained, long-term fear takes practice, and time. There are of course short-term fixes and aids, but regular practice over time produces lasting results.

So for anyone thinking about developing techniques to control public speaking nerves, any instruction is better than none, but I always recommend giving yourself as much time as possible to learn and practice the techniques before your big day!

If you’d like to learn more about techniques to control your public speaking nerves, why not contact us to see how we can help?

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